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Gener├ílna oprava uho─żn├ęho kotla K4 v PGE Belchatow

PGE, SA, Elektrownia Belchatow, Poland


Parameters: 380MWe/1100tph, 18,7MPa, 550C


Assembly and repair of: membrane walls, hopper, piping, Eco and Superheater bendings.

Materials: 13CrMo4 (1.7335), 10CrMo910 (1.7380), 15Mo3 (1.5415), 15HM, St35

Weight of installation: 750 t.


Percentage of participation in project implementation: 50% of pressure parts


Manpower on site: Maximum 270, Average 200


Steinmueller Instandsetzung Kraftwerke, Peitz, Germany

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