Montáž CFB kotola spaľujúceho uhlie v Lovosiciach

Montáž CFB kotola spaľujúceho uhlie v Lovosiciach2019-04-01T21:05:52+02:00

Project Description

Lovochemie a.s., Lovosice, Czech Republic

Parameters: 120t/h, 90MWt, 10MPa 535°C

Installation of new steel construction, complete new boiler, boiler piping, air and flue gas ducts, air and flue gas fans, HVAC, environmental systems.

Materials: X10CrMoVNb9-1, 13CrMo4, 10CrMo910, 16Mo3, P265GH, Piping from SS

Total weight approx. 1700 tons.

Percentage of participation in project implementation: 100%

Manpower on site: Maximum 90, Average 60

ČKD PRAHA DIZ, a.s.Kolbenova 499, 190 02 Praha 9