Montáž nového 88tph coal fired cirkofluidného kotla(CFB)

Montáž nového 88tph coal fired cirkofluidného kotla(CFB)2019-04-01T22:00:54+00:00

Project Description

Teplárna Tábor, a.s. U Cihelny 2128 390 02 Tábor, Czech republic

Parameters: 80tph, 6,3MPa, 465C

Assembly of new fluid combustion device:

Boiler with output 80 t/h.

Cyclone boiler separators

Start-up burners Brickwork and insulation

Combustion air system

Coal conveying and coal bunker

Recycling of ash materials

Armatures and connecting pipes

Materials: P235GH, P265GH, 13CrMo4-5, 16Mo3, 14MoV63

Weight of installation: 763 tons

Percentage of participation in project implementation: 100%

Manpower on site: Maximum 90, Average 60

ČKD PRAHA DIZ, a.s.Kolbenova 499, 190 02 Praha 9