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About company

CZ MONT SK Ltd. is a private company, established on January 28, 1997.

CZ MONT SK Ltd. is company, which was formed due to centralize high-professional experts of all qualifications having long-time experience in assembly and equipment repairs in power engineering.

In this way the Company offers specialists including management, technical, commercial and workman professions, who have long-time practise and workmanship acquired in the course of general overhauls of units with outputs even above 100 MW, investment construction of thermal power plants, heating plants, combined cycles and fluidized bed boilers of different outputs.

From this scope of activities there is results the experience in assembly of steel structure, piping systems and different mechanical plants. Together with required assembly procedures this experience has enabled to obtain the company CZ MONT SK Ltd. in a very short time all necessary certificates for assembly, repairs and reconstructions of all types of boilers, stable pressure vessels, piping systems and special gas equipment.

The Company is the holder of all above mentioned certificates also within EU.

The Company CZ MONT SK Ltd. offers to the clients technical solutions and execution of reconstructions, modification of combustion equipment, gasification and other required improvements of power sources. The Company co-operates with authorized design organizations working in the field of power engineering.

The Company has stores and workshops in Levice. There is possible to store assembly mechanisms and tools, necessary material, preventatives, welding materials in accordance with prescriptions for their storage. In these workshops assembly jigs are manufactured.

Concerning to quality assurance of all work the Company is a holder of Certificates of quality ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 1090, ISO 3834-2, SCC-P.

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